Webmaps for Smallworld

Atlas Light for Smallworld GIS

Webmaps for Smallworld

A powerful plug-in that makes Google Maps and other popular cloud based map services instantly available inside your Smallworld session. Additionally it makes your Smallworld GIS data instantly available on Google Maps and Google Earth.


Product highlights:

  • Cloudmaps: Overlay Google Maps inside Smallworld.
  • Real time streaming of Smallworld data to Google Maps
  • Real time streaming of Smallworld data to Google Earth
  • Geocoding inside Smallworld
  • Reverse Geocoding inside Smallworld
  • Export any Smallworld data to KML
  • Turbo Refresh: Show Smallworld datasets without connecting to a data store.
  • Low cost
  • No middleware
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Webservices API
Google Earth 3D

Google Earth streaming real time Smallworld data.

Our existing clients are impressed at how little this tool costs and how easy it is to install.


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