Web Map Service from & to Smallworld: Add weather, landbase, OpenStreetMaps, Bing, etc.

WMS or Web Map Service is an interface standard that provides map images from one or more distributed geospatial servers, over HTTP. Atlas supports WMS, and uses it to overlay certain data layers such as weather information, both in the mobile and desktop apps. Now, with the Cliffhanger WMS plugin, we added WMS support to GE Smallworld GIS. [...]

Webmaps 2.0 released

Overlay your Smallworld data with Cloudmaps Do you want to see your Smallworld data on top of Google or other map services, inside Smallworld GIS? Look no further! Webmaps, our popular plugin for Smallworld GIS just added CloudMaps to its functionality. Choose from 18 (and counting!) street, satellite and topo maps. Turbo Refresh But wait, [...]