Overlay your Smallworld data with Cloudmaps

Do you want to see your Smallworld data on top of Google or other map services, inside Smallworld GIS?

Look no further! Webmaps, our popular plugin for Smallworld GIS just added CloudMaps to its functionality. Choose from 18 (and counting!) street, satellite and topo maps.

Turbo Refresh

But wait, there is more! Based on the same technology we introduce the Smallworld ‘Turbo Refresh’ feature. Do you have multiple datasets, some of them mostly read-only, like a land base? By using ‘Turbo Refresh,’ your map redraw performance will go through the roof, especially when you’re zoomed out far. Don’t wait for those 10000 parcels to render; Turbo Refresh does it in milliseconds! We render your Smallworld dataset just like we render Google or Bing. You can even remove your data set from your application, making your application faster and more compact.


  • Use as alternative to land base data
  • Advanced caching for extreme performance and reduced network traffic
  • No .NET configuration needed
  • Works with every coordinate system
  • Transforms every pixel = more accuracy and no vignetting
  • Easy install
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Free Trial
  • Low Cost

Webmaps is available for FREE on a trial basis. Our existing clients are impressed at how little this tool costs and how easy it is to install. It’s like we’re giving it away 🙂

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