You’re in the field trying to start a work order, you look at the data, and it appears that the design scheduled for the location is not available in your database yet. You are sure that the back office database has all the information you need as you helped the engineer with its design.  Your mobile databases get updated once a month as your IT department told you that, apparently, the update process is somewhat cumbersome and that the design finished just after the last update was received. What a waste of time. Back to the office, sitting in traffic, back to the work site and finally starting the job. Easily a day of productivity lost.

Sounds all to familiar? You know that this can very easily be a thing of the past? The Atlas application can be downloaded from the App or Play store or simply runs in your browser. The back office integration takes just a few weeks at most. No connectivity? No problem! Data can be cached as desired and available at all times. Afraid to have to learn a new system? Atlas is so easy to use that it takes a typical user less than one hour to get full productivity out of it. The simple one line search simplifies your job so much that you wish you installed it years ago.

There is no alternative to having real-time data. Really!


Real Time Crew Location with Live Weather Overlay

Real Time Crew Location with Live Weather Overlay

Real Time Cloud Monitoring

Real Time Cloud Monitoring. Who is trying to Access from Where?


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