The ultimate goal an organization has regarding its data is that it needs to be able to analyze every data source. However, by just doing that, a lot of potential information is left ‘on the table.’ By correlating these data sources and finding relations, more information can be extracted from the same volume of data. Causes of problems can be found and future events predicted and/or prevented. And when this is possible without the need for scrolling through endless spreadsheets or tables, it will add tremendous value. Ideally, it should be visual, easy to understand, easy to configure and flexible enough to add future data.

Whether your organization has sales data, work order data, equipment performance data, asset data or usage data. Whether this data comes from a CRM, CIS, SCADA, WMS or your servers log files. Whether this data is historical or real time. Whether this data comes from your newest cloud based systems or from your old legacy systems…

What you need is total information awareness for your organization.

  1. knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.
    “we need to raise public awareness of the issue”
    synonyms: consciousnessrecognitionrealizationMore

    • concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.
      “a growing environmental awareness”

(source: Google)


The image below is an excellent example where data from 3 different data sources (US Census population, healthcare insurance, and cancer occurrences)  is combined into one comprehensive dashboard:

Cancer Data Analytics

The images below display live [circuits] phasing data. Does the picture on the map not create a much better awareness of dangerous switching situations than the original table? A picture is worth a thousand words so to speak.

Total Information Awareness

Image: Substation phasing tables. Does this make sense to you? Probably not.

SCADA data visualized

Image: Substation phasing map. Significantly improved awareness of dangerous switching situations.

Does this sound too good to be true? Do you think that only NSA can do this? We have been doing it. We are doing it. We can do it for you. Our platform can do all this for you and more. Let us show you with your own data.

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