Cliffhanger Solutions is pleased to announce the release of forms. Forms are easy to configure data capture widgets for Atlas. This new functionality will be added to Atlas as standard (core) functionality and will roll out to existing users over the next few weeks. Simply put,  forms enables configuration & functionality such as Pole Inventory, Damage Assessment, Vegetation Management, etc. Automated distribution and progress monitoring are supported out of the box.

What your crew wants:

Saving time and be more productive while in the field. No more fiddling with importing and exporting data to dedicated handhelds, spreadsheets or paper maps. Authentication allows access, no more and no less,  to utilities, own in-house crew or a third party or independent contractor. And its monitoring and analytics dashboards servers all users and management levels.

What it does:

An easy to use interface allows configuration of several different inventory data sources. For example data in Excel format, another one in Shape files or a third in the flat file format as well as various databases. Inspection and invoice items will be specified. Inspectors in the field simply mark a pole as inspected (or not), and indicate invoice items performed on that pole (photos can be attached when needed). Saved changes will be uploaded to the [back] office in real time, allowing other inspectors or supervisors to see crew progress instantly.

Additionally, analytics dashboards allow not only the individual crew member to see their progress and invoice items over a period, but crew supervisors can instantly assess overall progress over time, per individual, per customer or all customers combined. Invoice items with associated values, allow supervisors or accountants immediate access, in real time, to revenue generated.

Utilities themselves have the option to directly upload information to their contractors using Cliffhangers portal, saving even more time.

This functionality will be available in version 2.7 of Atlas. A reputable organization specializing in Pole Inventory will roll this out shortly. They are currently serving over five different utilities.


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