Cliffhanger Solutions is proud to announce that Atlas will provide a great safety feature to all crews in the field: man down functionality.

Our customers can enable this functionality by accessing our portal and configuring parameters that activate or suppress alerts such as:

  • Key press sensing (suppress)
  • Active ‘alive’ button (suppress)
  • Inactivity timeout alert (activate)
  • Device dropping (G shock) – with or without ‘I’m OK’ confirmation (activate).
  • Tilt angle and timer (falling backward) – with or without ‘I’m OK’ confirmation (activate).

In case of an alert, GPS location will be automatically sent to the back office and further activities such as sending messages to the nearest crew, 911 calls and SMS’s can be enabled.

Man down functionality will be available in Atlas release 2.8 will go live Q1 2017. Motion detection (device dropping) will be supported on hardware capable Android and iOs devices.



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