Databases are from the past! Search is the future!

Over 75% of the US population uses the internet nowadays. Mostly to find stuff. That information does not reside in databases, but in indices. Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. all use indices to find the information relevant to you, fast. So...why are you still using databases in your back office? We at Cliffhanger are applying the [...]

How to quickly setup pole inspections… or damage assessment forms… or vegetation management forms or… just a form.

Elaborate processes, different software components, working only connected or only disconnected, different types of software, a pure windows based solution and using a multitude of databases are a thing of the past! Atlas was designed to work with all major platforms out of the box, either in a connected or disconnected environment! Create a Pole Inspection [...]

Use Atlas to share data

Every company or department needs to exchange information. Instead of using custom point-to-point connections between systems, why not use Atlas to facilitate the data exchange. Atlas is capable of importing and exporting a large number of formats out of the box (and still growing). For importing, simply drop files in the import tool, and Atlas [...]

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