GE PowerON outage management system is a complicated piece of software operated by trained technicians and engineers. So what about the rest of us? Say hello to the Atlas PowerON module. Atlas allows to you visualize PowerON data in real-time, making valuable outage information available to authorized individuals in your organization. In PowerON, getting to the relevant information often required multiple clicks and menus, but in Atlas, a simplified UI/UX experience combines data from 9 places into 1 unified view. Outage status, circuit information, crews and customer information are all available at once.

Outage Data overlay

Combining weather, crews and outage data.

“Making real-time outage data easily accessible was our major goal”, says John Boere, team lead of the development. “No one wants to run a desktop application in their truck, dealing with connection issues, when they have iPhones, iPads or Android tablets already available to them. The focus of field crews needs to be on dealing with outages and this tool allows them to do so. An additional bonus for the client is savings on expensive PowerON licenses.”

“From a technical perspective, PowerON keeps data in an Oracle database as well as in GE’s VMDS. Data is scattered over many tables and some of it is redundant. We’ve greatly simplified this and as is with any Atlas data, it is fully searchable in real-time [see image]. Also, our solution is 100% non-intrusive, there are no PowerON changes needed whatsoever, keeping the DBA’s happy.”

“Atlas already offers analytics dashboards out-of-the-box, which PowerON can now leverage”, says John. “Users will get some predefined dashboards such as the one above. By using simple drag and drop, users can create their own dashboards as well. This allows them to slice and dice current as well as historical outage information. One of the predefined dashboards gives an overview of the last 24 hours of the network.” [See image]

PowerON Search

Out-of-the-box, outage data is fully searchable.

Additionally, by combining outage data with crew locations and weather conditions, Atlas offers a valuable and time-saving tool to dispatchers and supervisors. Unlike PowerON, Atlas is available on phones and tablets from anywhere.

Power Outage and Crew En route

Combining outage data with crew locations helps with power restoration times.

Are you a PowerON user and looking for easier access and more analytics? Contact us for a pilot, setup times are typically around 1 day with minimal effort on your side.


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