Aging workforce? Give them an iPad!!!

In our industry we hear so much about 'aging workforce' and the effect on IT projects. Frequently heard complaints from (field) workers are 'why do we need to change, this has worked fine for the past 20 years', 'I barely know how to use my new phone', 'my grand daughter teaches me this stuff'. Well, [...]

Cliffhanger Insight for Smallworld: get all the Insight and Diagnostics in real time!

Do you need to have a better insight into your GE Smallworld usage? Do you want to know what functionality is used, for how long and how often? Do you want to know how many plots were made last month? Is your system is lagging, showing poor performance, hangs, has frequent tracebacks or even crashes? [...]

How fast can you go?

GIS solutions are often plagued by lengthy implementation times. This is especially true for implementations with a mobile component, such as Mobile GIS, Inspections, Surveys and Damage Assessment applications. As a result, Utilities not only face significant vendor cost, but additionally, it ties up internal resources. User training? Atlas is so intuitive (we made a significant [...]

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