An essential requirement for GIS is network analysis (a.k.a. tracing or routing). With Cliffhanger having finalized its tracing module for Atlas, we are now offering a complete and new GIS platform with smooth migration paths available from ESRI and GE Smallworld.

Atlas is not only data agnostic, but it is also schemaless. This means that any changes to the data model have no impact on its functionality that supports business processes from Mobile GIS, Inspections, Damage Assessment to creating work packets for Vegetation Management. All this comes standard with the product and no customization is required. Instead, Atlas can be configured to meet all your specific business processes. Atlas works connected and disconnected and updates are real-time.

Just to highlight a specific impressive technical aspect, the tracing module is network agnostic, and can trace utility networks (electric, water, gas etc.) as easy as it can trace land-base used for routing. Since Cliffhanger offers its own land-base as well (currently covering North and Central America), users are no longer dependent exclusively on 3rd party routing services. Atlas’s tracing is the fastest in the industry, benchmarked at 10µs/km (that’s 0.33c lol) on a single-core, using real-world data. Tracing works online or offline, which means it works identical on your iPad in the field as it does on your desktop in the office. Tracing results can be sent to other components in Atlas, such as work assignments, plotting or results can be used for outage prediction or sent to other software.

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