Vegetation management typically starts with assessing the amount of work required to maintain a specific sections of network.

The utility company uses this data for budgetary purposes or to determine contractor compensation. On the contractor side, contractors often assess the amount of work and equipment required so that they can quote the utility or respond to an RFP.

Atlas is able to capture this data as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can drive around in the truck and simply press enlarged buttons to indicate the required equipment or type work and level of effort required. Atlas will then automatically capture the distance, associate where what work needs to be performed, and make that data available in real-time to the back office. Needless to say that sections that are not available by vehicle can be captured manually. Different rate tables can be associated with the different utilities or contractors targeted.

The nice thing is that the above process can easily be configured as part of an overall vegetation management work flow process, so that the planned work can be used as the driving factors to actually execute the work: Crews know what and where work needs to be performed and what is expected of them. As part of this process, work packets for different crews can be created and assigned, QA/QC steps can be integrated up to final closure of the job by invoicing the utility, or paying the contractor.

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