One Application: all use cases and business processes

Utilities rely on data collected in the field for different purposes, from a variety of different applications and formats. From a business point of view, data needs to be collected and brought back to the back office. From an administrative point of view: forms need to meet the business’s needs, be flexible and quick and easy to roll out, and from an IT perspective the data needs to be in a format that the back office can handle.

Configuration, not customization

Would it not be easiest to have just one application with a flexible means of being able to create the necessary data collection forms that allow for small and big buttons, enable capture of GPS locations & trails (i.e. for driving survey) allow for adding images, mandatory and/or read-only fields and even setup precise workflow and billing rates so that every single use case can be captured with one and the same app with the use case configured by an admin?

No additional license fees

Please have a look at Atlas. It will do it all. A driving survey application can be configured in under an hour, to your exact specifications, by you! Vegetation management requirements? No problem! Need to capture pole inspection data with associated pictures and grab data from a resistograph and third-party accurate GPS? No problem! Out of the box. No additional license fees!

The resulting form is extremely user friendly, works instantly for all field workers, and will even capture data when there is no connectivity!

You may scroll thru the above pictures and you will notice that there are different forms, for different business processes, all from, and in one and the same, app!

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