Hypothetical case: you implemented some software and decided to extend its use cases. However, you realize that this requires additional modules and subsequent license fees. Bummer!

In our world of GIS this occasionally happens: You’ve implemented a mobile solution and it works fine. Users like it. You decide, for example,

  • to display crew locations, or
  • to add the ability to assign work, or
  • to build and enable filling in an ad hoc inspection form.

Oftentimes it is very involved (or not possible) and requires additional modules, licenses, vendor help, etc.  What at the outset appeared a straightforward change, becomes a major project.  That’s another bummer.

It should be simple to get those changes into the field.

Well designed software is software that is not customized: it does all you need out of the box.

With GUI driven configuration interface, the result is that when i.e. there needs to be an ad-hoc inspection to determine insured locations after a storm, or when vegetation management encroachment conflicts require a dedicated survey team, the application can simply be configured in under an hour to make that happen. No new modules, no new licenses, just configure and enable for the users that need it.

Well, you guessed it…. this is how Cliffhanger Solutions’ product Atlas works, which we have re-engineered for an even more sophisticated and responsive user interface!

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