Vegetation Management, Gas Leak Surveys, Pole Inspections, etc, all require crews to go out in the field and follow a certain route or dedicate their attention to a specific piece of the network (typically a circuit). Atlas allows traces to be performed on Network or Street data. Use cases problems like route optimization between 2 points, or a set of points or network traces like circuit tracing. This enables a crew to either select assets to be visited and create an optimized route, or -for inspection and vegetation management contractors- to import the file they received from the utility and use the assets in that file to optimize their route.

This video shows how crew routing can be optimized saving time and thus money. A shortest path is dynamically generated between 2 points on any type of network and based on any set of criteria. The results of the trace can be used to assign work to a crew. This routing functionality works both in connected and disconnected modes.

The following short video fragment shows the process: Route optimization for Inspections and Vegetation Management.

Using the tracing results to assign work to a crew is discussed in this article:Assigning work based on route optimization results

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