We at Cliffhanger Solutions understand that the variety of typical tasks related to a utilities use case require different processes, different data and because of the variety of crew skill sets required, also different application interactions. In order to accommodate this, simplify work flows and application use, we have introduced Atlas Apps.

A Gas Leak Surveyor requires different interactions with the field software than a Vegetation Management crew does. This is yet again different for Pole Inspections or Damage Assessment. Not only are the interactions, workflows and data different between theses processes, but also the types of data, the related forms, equipment and meta data captured vary in nature quite a bit!

An Atlas administrator can specify which user group, or which user requires access to not only specific Atlas functionality, but also particular business processes and forms. We call this an Application inside Atlas.

Applications are available for:

  • Mobile Gis
  • Vegetation Management
  • Gas Leak Survey
  • Water Office
  • Damage Assessment
  • Pole Inspections
  • etc, etc.

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