Gas utilities know that their network needs to be surveyed on a regular basis to comply with local PUC’s requirements, or otherwise face stiff penalties, or worse yet, explosions possibly resulting in injury or even death.

The Atlas ‘Gas Driving Survey’ and ‘Gas Walking Survey’ applications make this process easy, accurate, seamless, and integrated with back office systems. Functionality includes everything from assigning work, selecting weather conditions and equipment used, to historical data and interfacing to back office systems such as ESRI, Smallworld and SAP.

Needless to say that the application, which resides inside Atlas, supports high accuracy GPS’s, a variety of different sniffers, and provides a very easy to use application interface so that the crew learning curve is not only extremely short, but also ensure highly accurate data to satisfy the utilities and PUC’s demands!

The following short video fragment shows the process of a Gas Driving Survey: Gas Driving Survey

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