Meet the people behind
Cliffhanger Solutions

Meet the team

CEO & Founding partner

John Boere

John founded Cliffhanger in 2009. John has expertise in Geospatial as well as Electrical engineering and telecom technologies. Since 1991 he has implemented over a dozen GIS applications in 5 countries, founded 2 startups, and was part of another 3. Current and former clients include German Telecom (parent of T-Mobile), AboveNet and SRP (Salt River Project).

He is a sought-after speaker in his area of expertise for conferences around the world.


Having known John for over 20 years from collaborating on previous overseas projects, Arjan joined Cliffhanger in 2016. Over the past 20 years, Arjan has successfully implemented dozens of (Mobile) GIS implementations all over the world. Starting as technical GIS consultant, Arjan came to the United States in 1998 and founded the US branch of a GIS and Work Order Management software company. Arjan is technically oriented, but PMP certified to apply solid project management principles to Cliffhangers implementations.


COO, Managing Partner

Alexander "Arjan" Plomp

CTO, Partner

Carlos Noguera

Professional Web Developer – Over 10 years of experience in the fields of Web Development and Architecture, Web Programming and System Administration.
At Cliffhanger Solutions, Carlos is our server- and cloud computing guru. He develops the back-end architecture, and handles all our custom integrations. Carlos is also heavily involved in the R&D of all Cliffhanger Solutions’ current and future technologies.


Bruce had over 17 years of relevant GE Smallworld and Mobile GIS experience. Bruce has taught Magik classes, has upgraded SWAF modules and developed numerous customizations. His engagements included plot maintenance, Gas Leak Integration, CIS Integration, IR Surveys, Automated Survey Management, GIS Sys admin, etc. His work ethic and engineering talent precede him wherever he goes.


Senior Consultant

Bruce Morehouse

Senior Consultant

Steve Severance

Steve has over 25 years of utility experience. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of Maine. He has worked with Smallworld GIS for more than 20 years. During that time he has been involved with many aspects of the business such as T&D engineering, construction planning, system selection, database design, application development, system administration, system upgrades, database migration, outage management, and job estimation.

Steve also continues to be active as a leader in his local Boy Scout troop and has the remarkable skill to navigate by only looking at a map once.


Alex has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University. He is a software engineer who is involved with implementing client features and supporting Atlas. His exposure to machine learning as a curriculum developer at Woz U inspired him to pursue data science as a field of study. Alex values turning data into actionable insights for clients, especially those responsible for infrastructure. 

After hours, Alex spends his time taking photos at music events, studying Mandarin Chinese, participating in Kaggle data science competitions, and distance cycling (during the cooler months).  


Software Engineer

Alex Chambers

Marketing/Communications Specialist

Emma Whitehouse

Emma is a rising freshman at Drexel University and will be studying communications. She is involved with the front end of the company, editing newsletters, doing sale research, and implementing social media strategies.


Augustus is a rising senior at the University of Arizona, studying mathematics with statistics emphasis, and is particularly interested in data science. Augustus finds insights from data through the application of analytics, data science, and cognitive methods.


A.I Consultant Intern

Augustus Ge