What’s new in Atlas?

Atlas 2.5 has all the things you need to view and analyze your map and other data. Atlas can visualize data from many databases such as Oracle, SQL or Smallworld without the overhead of setting up yet another datastore or implement middleware. Just connect your datasets and go! Atlas key features:

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Full Text Natural Language Search

Atlas provides the most powerful full- text search capabilities available. Atlas supports geolocation, time based data, contextual did-you-mean suggestions, autocomplete, and result snippets.


Contextual natural language search with auto suggest, snippets and highlighting

Mobile Friendly

The Atlas client runs on desktops, Android phones and tablets, and iOS (iPhone & iPad).

mobile devices

Image: Atlas running on Android, iOS


Atlas leverages the power of phones and tablets that support GPS. You no longer need dedicated GPS devices. You can track your fleet without the need for another application or dedicated hardware in your trucks.

Fleet tracking using GPS

Fleet tracking using GPS

Real Time Data

How long can you wait for insights on your moving data? With Atlas, all data is made available in seconds for search and analytics. No more waiting for the nightly ‘data dump’. This means that you can use Atlas as a digital wall map to show SCADA and outage information, and track your fleet, without the need to multiple systems and multiple screens. Your dispatchers will be happy.

Wall map

Image: Use Atlas as a digital wall map

Real Time Analytics

Combining the speed of search with the power of analytics changes your relationship with your data. Interactively search, discover, and analyze to gain insights that improve your processes and streamline your operations. Your business analysts will be happy.


Image: Analytics Dashboard

Field Inspections

Atlas allows you to take notes and add photos that will be instantly available and searchable for other Atlas users, such as people in your office. Additionally, Atlas can easily be customized with inspection forms to provide assistance with pole inspections, tree trimming, etc. Your field crew will be happy.

Field Inspections

Field Inspections


5GB or 5TB? Atlas allows you to start small and scale horizontally as you grow. When you add more data or more users, we simply add more nodes, and let the cluster automatically scale with your demand. Hundreds of nodes? No problem. Your IT folks will be happy.

High Availability

Atlas will automatically detect new or failed nodes, and reorganize and rebalance data automatically, to ensure that your data is safe and accessible. In addition, Atlas is architected to allow cross datacenter replication. This takes high availability to a whole new level.

Schema Free

Atlas allows you to get started fast. Simply add data and it will automatically detect the data structure and types, and make your data searchable. Your DBA’s will be happy.

Developer Friendly

Atlas is API driven. Our own apps are using the API. Almost any action can be performed using a simple RESTful API using JSON, XML or other formats over HTTP(S). Its powerful, developer-friendly query API supports geolocation, contextual did-you-mean suggestions, autocomplete, and result snippets. Your developers will be happy.

Use the Atlas API to build or connect to your own applications.

Use the Atlas API to build or connect to your own applications.

Custom Maps

Need a custom map? No problem. Atlas is easy to customize for your specific needs.

Image: Use natural language search to find data fast.

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