Pro Tip: Deep Linking to get to it fast

Atlas allows you to specify additional parameters on startup to perform startup actions. A typical use case would be an external application or document that contains a link (url) to an object in Atlas. It looks like this: On click, Atlas will start and directly jump to the specified location, in this case, a [...]

Thinking outside the box, literally

What’s the biggest drawback when you lose connectivity in the field? You don’t have access to your data. Application developers (including Cliffhanger Solutions) have gone to great lengths to overcome this by building offline functionality, storing data on the local device, etc. But the solution is not ideal. For one, storage space is limited compared [...]

Analytics Dashboard Design Principles that work!

By now, you are probably aware that Cliffhangers Atlas supports extensive Analytics and Dashboards. However, did you know there are 10 key design principles to follow when creating these Dashboards? Analytics are meant to provide Total Information Awareness, preferably in Real Time  (yes, our dashboards work in real time and even support automatic refreshes!), however when [...]

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