Biz Stories interviews Cliffhanger Solutions CEO

A few weeks ago John had the pleasure to be a guest on the show of  Charlotte Plott, the host of John talks about what it takes to be an Entrepreneur, advice from his grandmother, fast cars, and his favorite book, among other things. For the full interview, have a listen to my Ah-Ha moment [...]

Reducing Operator Error and Increase Efficiency by Reducing Screens

Ever got lost trying to open the right search screen? You first need to find the appropriate application, then find what you are looking for. Example of a proliferation of Search Widgets Look no further: Our search feature simplifies this by using just one search bar to find data. This data can come [...]

Search faster by using ‘did you mean’?

Did you know that Atlas, as well as the plugin available for GE Smallworld GIS offers search suggestions? In case you are not entirely sure on the exact spelling or when you make a mistake, our search engine suggests better matches. This functionality, well known from how Google works, really speeds up finding and accessing [...]

Analytics can make sense of your data for you. In real time when needed!

Utilities generate an incredible amount of data on a daily basis: smart meters, sensor data, and even server logs. So much data being produced that it is virtually impossible, for a human, to make sense of this data in a timely manner. Our analytics engine takes this data and allows you to transition from hard-to-read [...]

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