Thematic Mapping & Analytics: Why limit yourself?

Thematic maps are a frequently requested feature: Group map elements together based on certain attributes. One example is to color code (electrical) circuits on a map, showing by color what is connected. This enables a user to identify which sub stations are feeding a circuit quickly. But no two customers are the same, so we at [...]

Analytics can make sense of your data for you. In real time when needed!

Utilities generate an incredible amount of data on a daily basis: smart meters, sensor data, and even server logs. So much data being produced that it is virtually impossible, for a human, to make sense of this data in a timely manner. Our analytics engine takes this data and allows you to transition from hard-to-read [...]

Cliffhanger Solutions’ CEO presented at 2016 GE Software Summit

The 2016 GE Software Summit took place in Orlando, FL. In an engaging presentation, Cliffhanger Solutions presented several solutions to reduce and prevent outage times without the overhead of traditional solutions. A copy of the slides is available upon request. [cta id="580" align="none"]

Analytics: not just for the grid

Clients use our analytics dashboards to monitor the state of the grid, by keeping track of outages, the number of jobs completed, etc. But did you know that the same analytics can also be used to monitor internal systems? The following example monitors one or more servers in the client's network, in this case the [...]

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