Steve Severance has joined the Cliffhanger Solutions team

We are thrilled to announce Steve Severance has joined Cliffhanger Solutions as a Senior Consultant. Steve has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of Maine. He has over 25 years of utility experience and has worked with Smallworld GIS for more than 20 years. During that time he has been [...]

Do you need dedicated GPS devices?

Our goal, as engineers, is to come up with ideas on how to do things better, more efficient, while saving cost at the same time. Several of our clients use GPS for fleet management. A GPS device is installed in (maintenance) trucks, and data is collected and visualized on some dashboard applications. In the same [...]

Don’t GIS and drive

Using electronic devices while driving can be very distracting. To accommodate our field users better, we implemented a "hands-free" mode. This is how it works: First, you (the user) turns on GPS track mode. This will continuously keep the map centered at your current location, much like many navigation systems. Then, when distraction free search [...]

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