Wood Inspection Drill Integration: IML and Cliffhanger Solutions

IML and Cliffhanger Solutions are pleased to announce that Atlas is now fully integrated with the IML Wood Inspection Drill,  IML-RESI PD-Series.  This means that an inspector can now simply select a pole, drill the pole to obtain measurements upon which the results are obtained via bluetooth, associated with the inspected pole and uploaded to the back office. [...]

Atlas Extensions

We, at Cliffhanger Solutions, are pleased to announce that Atlas now uses Extensions. In the past we had all functionality automatically enabled in the core product, but since we have significantly expanded Atlas's functional footprint over the past year, we were forced to only enable functionality as needed. From a pure technical perspective, Atlas still contains all extensions. [...]

Rogue One no match for A.I.

Shortly after deploying our A.I. module, an anomaly was detected. The tool, designed to assist utilities to optimize inspections through machine learning, is using a classification model to separate 'good' poles from 'bad' ones. This can then be used to predict which (un-inspected) poles should be inspected next, saving time and money, preventing outages etc. [...]

Databases are from the past! Search is the future!

Over 75% of the US population uses the internet nowadays. Mostly to find stuff. That information does not reside in databases, but in indices. Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. all use indices to find the information relevant to you, fast. So...why are you still using databases in your back office? We at Cliffhanger are applying the [...]

How to quickly setup pole inspections… or damage assessment forms… or vegetation management forms or… just a form.

Elaborate processes, different software components, working only connected or only disconnected, different types of software, a pure windows based solution and using a multitude of databases are a thing of the past! Atlas was designed to work with all major platforms out of the box, either in a connected or disconnected environment! Create a Pole Inspection [...]

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