Distributed Inspections

Cliffhangers constant commitment to innovation and product improvements will come to shine with the next release of Atlas. Version 2.8 will support fully configurable, easy to use forms. One of the use cases for this functionality is that inspection data will be automatically distributed to inspectors in the field and automatically uploaded back to the Atlas [...]

Thinking outside the box, literally

What’s the biggest drawback when you lose connectivity in the field? You don’t have access to your data. Application developers (including Cliffhanger Solutions) have gone to great lengths to overcome this by building offline functionality, storing data on the local device, etc. But the solution is not ideal. For one, storage space is limited compared [...]

Going offline

Going offline while using an application may be necessary when an insufficient data signal is available. Alternatively, going offline can be a choice (like airplane mode) for several purposes, such as saving bandwidth. Fortunately, using Atlas, this has never been easier. Atlas will detect when there is no coverage and automatically switch to offline mode. [...]

Do you need dedicated GPS devices?

Our goal, as engineers, is to come up with ideas on how to do things better, more efficient, while saving cost at the same time. Several of our clients use GPS for fleet management. A GPS device is installed in (maintenance) trucks, and data is collected and visualized on some dashboard applications. In the same [...]

Atlas for iOS

Cliffhanger Solutions is excited to announce a highly anticipated expansion of the Atlas family - Atlas for iOS. This new app offers even higher levels of productivity, performance, and mobility than ever before! Atlas is an amazing search engine based application, optimized for real time geospatial data analysis, and now offers additional support for camera, [...]

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