Overwhelmed upgrading to Smallworld 5 or need Insight and Analyze Smallworld usage?

Need to have a better insight into your GE Smallworld usage? Want to know what functionality's used, for how long and how often? Want to know how many plots were made last month? Don't know if it's worthwhile upgrading your entire Smallworld implementation to 5.x? Our tool can help! Now that we have done a [...]

Web Map Service from & to Smallworld: Add weather, landbase, OpenStreetMaps, Bing, etc.

WMS or Web Map Service is an interface standard that provides map images from one or more distributed geospatial servers, over HTTP. Atlas supports WMS, and uses it to overlay certain data layers such as weather information, both in the mobile and desktop apps. Now, with the Cliffhanger WMS plugin, we added WMS support to GE Smallworld GIS. [...]

Smallworld 5 upgrade fixed price $74,999.99

Based on 25 years of experience we are confident to offer a Smallworld upgrade to version 5 at a fixed price of $74,999.99. This is a limited time offer. Why use Cliffhanger Solutions? Over 25 years experience with GE Smallworld implementations Experts in both Magik and Java (portions of our own Atlas product are Java based) Experience [...]

Smallworld 5 on Emacs

With Smallworld version 5, GE has dropped official support for Emacs in favor of MDT, which is Eclipse based. Hardcore developers might not want to use Eclipse (I doubt the folks in Cambridge use it), but fortunately using Emacs is still possible with a few tricks.  If you have a clean Emacs install, running Smallworld is straightforward. [...]

Smallworld 5: initial observations

With the introduction of Smallworld 5.0, the 25-year-old Magik VM has been replaced with the Java VM. Smallworld developers can still develop in the Magik language, but the code compiles into Java byte-code and no longer into Magik byte code. This will open up the proprietary Magik environment to the world of Java, at least [...]

Searching Smallworld

Smallworld Search, Google style Search your Smallworld data as if you are using Google. ATLAS includes a full fledged search engine. Yes, full-text search, autocomplete, and auto-suggest! No longer do you need to write custom plugins in Magik to get easy access to your data. With Smallworld Search, your data is always at your fingertips [...]

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