Bad weather OK with Atlas module for PowerOn™

This App provides real time updates to utility crews from GE's PowerOn™ outage management system during weather events and other outages. Since data can be shared between crews and office staff in real time, outage restoration times can be reduced and service to customers improved. Live dashboards provide additional information about the extent of the [...]

How to Improve Outage Restoration Time Estimates

We were asked if we can provide better information to utility customers regarding outages. The goal was to provide more accurate estimates, thus improving customer service, and avoid or minimize situations like this: We fed available historic information from GIS and OMS into a machine learning model. While not "big data", more than a 100000 individual [...]

Steve Severance has joined the Cliffhanger Solutions team

We are thrilled to announce Steve Severance has joined Cliffhanger Solutions as a Senior Consultant. Steve has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of Maine. He has over 25 years of utility experience and has worked with Smallworld GIS for more than 20 years. During that time he has been [...]

Use Atlas to share data

Every company or department needs to exchange information. Instead of using custom point-to-point connections between systems, why not use Atlas to facilitate the data exchange. Atlas is capable of importing and exporting a large number of formats out of the box (and still growing). For importing, simply drop files in the import tool, and Atlas [...]

Psychic Search: Improve search results using a self learning algorithm

Google has an "I'm feeling lucky" button that takes you directly to the first search result. In a perfect world, when a user enters a search term, the first result(s) should be what the user intended to find. However, this is easier said than done. Search results are ranked by relevancy and are dependent on a large number [...]

Thematic Mapping & Analytics: Why limit yourself?

Thematic maps are a frequently requested feature: Group map elements together based on certain attributes. One example is to color code (electrical) circuits on a map, showing by color what is connected. This enables a user to identify which sub stations are feeding a circuit quickly. But no two customers are the same, so we at [...]

Reducing Operator Error and Increase Efficiency by Reducing Screens

Ever got lost trying to open the right search screen? You first need to find the appropriate application, then find what you are looking for. Example of a proliferation of Search Widgets Look no further: Our search feature simplifies this by using just one search bar to find data. This data can come [...]

Analytics can make sense of your data for you. In real time when needed!

Utilities generate an incredible amount of data on a daily basis: smart meters, sensor data, and even server logs. So much data being produced that it is virtually impossible, for a human, to make sense of this data in a timely manner. Our analytics engine takes this data and allows you to transition from hard-to-read [...]

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